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How Can Sexology Help You?

  • Sexology can help you to create a healthy intimate life, which is essential to happy, long-lasting relationships.
  • Have great sex, leading to a more productive and abundant life.
  • Overcome your sexual problems, roadblocks and inhibitions.
  • Increase your sexual confidence, skills and pleasure.
  • Create deeper intimacy by moving through difficult emotions.
  • Learn to enjoy sex again, even as a sexual-trauma survivor.
  • Sexology can help you to fall in love with your partner again.
  • Heal after a betrayal or infidelity.
  • Amplify your essential sexual energy and confidence.

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If you’re in Perth, or even outside of, and you have any questions about Sexology and Sylvia’s sessions, feel free to get in touch now. 

Who Does Sylvia Work With?

As a Holistic Sexologist, Sylvia works with men, women and couples who are seeking to enhance their sexual connection and intimacy.

Sessions are available online or in-person (10 minutes from Perth's CBD).

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Sexology For Men 

Men deserve to have love and a great sex life. You are unique and perfect in your own authentic way. With Sylvia you will address your sexual concerns, move through challenges, help you become attuned to yourself and to your partner, understand the art of connection, and improve your repertoire to help you become a skilled and confident lover.

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Sexology For Women 

Working with Sylvia will help women expand beyond their beliefs, confidence and overcome limitations around sex, including age, fitness, looks, sexual preferences or sexual trauma. Together we will address your concerns, move through challenges and help you experience pleasure and desires, and create the sex life you desire and deserve.

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Sexology For Couples 

Successful relationships are built on a solid foundation of honest communication, transforming shadows into gifts and being authentic. Stop repeating the same conflicts, commit to your success as a couple, and massively improve your intimate connection. With Sylvia, you will break through barriers of communication, and restore sensuality and closeness.

Happy Reviews

“I reached out to Sylvia as a last resort to address concerns I had with ED and PE. I had separated from my partner of 13 years, and the conflict and lack of intimacy from that relationship had left me very nervous about having any sexual intimacy with future partners. I am only 40. PE was a real issue, and one I had discussed with GP’s and had counselling previously. None of the advice or guidance I received from them had worked. I changed my diet and lifestyle, but still, nothing changed.


I was nervous for the first few minutes, but Sylvia has a way of easing those tensions and taking the focus away from it. The reading I was given around how to give sensual touch/massage has already benefited my private life, and what she taught me opened my mind enormously. I have since started dating again and have had a few sexual encounters”



“In our sex coaching session with Sylvia, we learned about ‘touch’. Touch is so much more than one thinks. The intimacy that can be created by non- sexual touch is insane. To be able to learn what touch is enjoyable and not, is a power in our sexual relationship I wish I only knew earlier. To be able to feel safe and to have a voice and to know your partner has no judgement is incredible”.



“I eventually built up the courage to book a session with Sylvia. I was extremely nervous, but I was made to feel at ease soon after we started talking. We spoke for over an hour and it felt like such a relief to speak so openly and frankly about my situation, and it was reassuring to hear back how ‘normal’ I actually was. It was the first time I had ever been educated about the connection between sexuality and spirituality. I was given ‘homework’ to do and techniques to practice. I booked in for a second session, and eventually a third”.



About Sylvia

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Hi, I’m Sylvia, your Perth based Holistic Sexologist. I am here to support you in your human experience and sexuality.

I have a deep calling to assist humanity to return to love and healthy sexuality, more traditional ways of relating and making love.

I have worked in the field of sexology for over a decade, and am certified in various fields related to sexuality.

During my time as a sex coach, I’ve found the answer always lies in simplicity – connection to the Self, and safety in one’s own body (the nervous system), and honouring one’s truth.

I made it my MISSION to help people wake up, come back to their heart, and their inner knowing – that’s where you find all the answers.

If you feel the call to transform your life, and your relationship with love and sex, you’re not alone. I am here to support you in your journey of self-discovery and sexual self-realisation.

I am happy to work with you in English, German or Italian.