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About Sylvia

In the heart of my late twenties, I faced a question fundamental to human existence: the essence of sex. I encountered a prevailing belief that painted sex as mundane in long-term relationships, devoid of its initial vibrancy and connection.


But within me, a whisper challenged this notion. Was the accepted narrative the full story? This whisper kindled a curiosity, propelling me on a journey of self-discovery. Growing up amidst familial dysfunction, I recognized the need to heal and redefine my perception of sexuality, leading me to delve into Tantra, Counselling, Sexology, and more, uncovering insights that transform lives.


Today, at the crossroads of expertise and empathy, I’m eager to share revelations that can reshape your understanding of intimacy and self. The truths I’ve unearthed are a map, guiding you towards a path of healing and empowerment, where authentic connection meets human sensuality.


The remarkable part: the process is inherently uncomplicated. It’s about rediscovering and embracing your authentic self. This journey isn’t about complexity; it’s about clarity and awakening. It’s an invitation to unravel the layers of your own intimacy and embark on a transformative expedition toward understanding your sexuality in a way you never thought possible.


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– Sylvia 

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  • Certified Sexologist
  • Certified Sex Coach
  • Holistic Counsellor
  • Addiction Recovery and Psychospiritual Integration Coach
  • Certified Tantra Practitioner (The National Institute of Tantra)
  • Certified Tantra Teacher/Educator (The Australian School of Tantra)
  • Somatic Trauma Therapy
  • Imago Therapy and Sexuality (Dr. Tammy Nelson)
  • Internal Family Systems
  • Hakomi Introduction level
  • The School of Erotic Mysteries
  • Professional Training in Conscious BDSM/Kink
  • SAR – Sexual Attitude Reassessment Training
  • Barbara Carrellas’ Urban Tantra Professional Training
  • Wheel of Consent
  • Embodied Counselling (Institute of Somatic Sexology  

  • Currently on a 13 months immersion with a Maya priest and priestess

About Sylvia's Coaching

Sex, the most searched word on the internet, holds an innate fascination for many of us. It’s a curiosity that seems almost universal, isn’t it?


In this realm of intrigue lies sex coaching, an extraordinary domain that bridges two disciplines: Sexology, which delves into the intricacies of human sexual behavior and emotions, and Coaching, the art of guiding individuals in practical skills.


Navigating the waters of sexuality demands traversing delicate and vulnerable terrain. Within this sphere, my clients entrust me with information they’ve never shared with another soul.


As such, cultivating mutual trust and upholding strict confidentiality becomes not just important, but an integral cornerstone of each session.

Sessions are available for men, women and couples.


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