Providing couples with a diverse array of specialized practices that others might hesitate to explore.

Sex Coaching For Couples In Perth

At the core of every thriving relationship lies the bedrock of open communication and transparency. During your session with Sylvia, you’ll dismantle communication barriers, rekindle intimacy, and acquire the art of providing profound mutual sensual pleasure.

Sex and relationships hold significant sway in our lives; when they falter, deviate from expectations, or linger with unresolved issues, their impact ripples through every aspect of our being.

Sylvia can help Couples if they are experiencing any of the following:

  • Are you in a sexless marriage/relationship?
  • Has sex become predictable and routine?
  • Do you experience challenges when communicating about sexual needs and desires?
  • Do you ejaculate too early, too late or experience erectile dysfunction?
  • Do you have a desire discrepancy where one partner’s libido is higher than the other?
  • Do you want to deepen your connection and reignite your sexual passion.
  • Not enough time for sex? Too busy? Too many chores to be done?
  • Do you have orgasm difficulties – not often or satisfying enough? Or none at all?
  • Does masturbation work, but sex doesn’t?
  • The honeymoon phase is over – now what?
  • Do you find yourself defaulting to a “no” when you are asked for sex?
  • Do you love your partner, but have lost the attraction?
  • Are you feeling shameful about what turns you on?
unhappy couple

Expand your sexual repertoire.

Learn about Tantra and the art of full-body sensual touch.

Experience giving and receiving pleasure.

Feel safe to share your desires and curiosities

Learn your way around your partner’s body.

Create emotional intimacy through open communication.

Please your lover and ask for what YOU want.

You, your partner, and the relationship, are a three item unit.

Transform your body-image and self-esteem.

Letting go of social agendas and expectations.

Overcome performance anxiety

Connect your arousal to relaxation, not stress or worry.

A Message From Sylvia

Welcome to the world of Holistic Sexology


I invite you to my Holistic Sexology sessions where I support you on a unique journey towards a stronger and more connected relationship. In my work with couples, I don’t shy away from the topics that truly matter.


During our sessions, we’ll explore where you currently stand as a couple and where you want to go. Sometimes, we’ll take a gentle look into your past to uncover patterns that might be holding you back.

My approach is all about helping you connect with your bodies and stepping away from overthinking. I might bring in body-based coaching if it fits your needs. Think of our sessions as a mix of practical and transformative ideas that touch on your physical, mental, and emotional aspects – a whole-picture approach.


We all know that sex and relationships play a big role in our lives. When things aren’t going as expected, it affects everything.


So, let’s talk about the real stuff – the things that often get brushed aside. But don’t worry, we’ll also find moments to share a laugh or two.


Before we dive into the topic of sexuality, let’s make sure your relationship foundation is solid. Open communication and transparency are key. In our sessions, we’ll work on breaking down any barriers, improving negotiation skills, and rekindling intimacy.


Through this journey, you’ll learn to take responsibility, break free from repetitive arguments, and say yes to a fulfilling relationship. Together, we’ll create a stronger bond and work towards a fulfilling sex life that matches your dreams.


Are you ready? The path to a more fulfilling and harmonious connection starts here. Let’s build those solid foundations, restore intimacy, and pave the way for a relationship that thrives in every aspect. With determination, dedication, and a touch of humor, let the work begin!



Let the work begin!