It's Time To Gain Some Cockfidence!

Sex Coaching For Men In Perth

In Sylvia’s sessions for you, you will address your sexual concerns, move through your challenges, help you become attuned to what your partner wants, understand the art of intimacy, and tailor your sexual repertoire to help you become a skilled and confident lover.


Regardless of your age, fitness, looks, or sexual orientation, you deserve to have fulfilling love and a great sex life.

Sylvia can help Men if they are experiencing any of the following:

  • Do you feel like you are supposed to be an expert when it comes to sex and satisfying your partner?
  • Do you have mechanical and unfulfilling sex?
  • Do you feel you can’t seem to please your partners?
  • Are you always the one initiating sex?
  • Is sex more stressful than fun?
  • Do you experience low or lack of sexual desire?
  • Are you compulsively watching porn?
  • Is your body not responding the way it used to?
  • Have you experienced sexual trauma?
  • Are you sexually inexperienced or unprepared?
  • Do you feel insecure or lack of confidence with dating?
  • Do you love your partner, but have lost the attraction?
  • Are you feeling shameful about what turns you on?
men's sex coach

Become an amazing lover at any age.

Rediscover the joy of sex and pleasure of your own body.

Learn how to connect to women.

Acquire the skills of heart-centred communication.

Bridge the desire-gap with your partner.

Learn the art of reading women's body through Kinesthetic Intelligence.

Increase your sexual confidence.

Learn about BDSM, Kink, Tantra, with love, respect and integrity.

Learn to better communicate about sex.

Primal Polarity - what does this mean? Learn key communication.

Pornography - be aware & educated.

Work through the impacts of porn addiction.

A Message From Sylvia

sylvia sex coach

As a somatic and integrative sexologist, I have observed the following over the last decade – a huge disconnect among men and their sexuality, an increase in sexual dysfunction (PE and ED), much more anxiety and mental challenges, growing health problems, more medications.

It does not have to be this way.

In my Perth Sexology Sessions, my aim is to educate you, and show you a new way. How you show up as a man, in the bedroom, and how are you received by women – that is an inside job.

Think about how you ask your partner for sex. If it is a grope or a routine touch? If so, chances are high that it will be rejected. Ask yourself, how authentic is your expression between the sheets? Is it coming from a place of truth and confidence, or a place of worry and anxiety? The latter will usually land flat, but the first will enhance the erotic energy. What you say verbally can be irrelevant if your body is saying otherwise.

If you feel anxious or worried, trust me, it is felt by her as well. There is no hiding.

There is no doubt in my mind that sex is all about energy, how two energies meet and resonate with each other and co-create in the present. That is the moment of meeting, the magic.

In my sessions, you will learn many key insights into sex, women, dating and yourself, which will enormously improve your entire life, not just your sex life.

So I invite you to come back to yourself, your heart, and lead from there.