Appreciate Your Body & Embrace Your Sensuality

Sex Coaching For Women In Perth

Sex and relationships hold a significant place in our lives, shaping our experiences profoundly. It’s evident that when these aspects encounter difficulties, unmet expectations, or lingering uncertainties, the impact resonates across every facet of our existence.

Sylvia's approach aids women in reconnecting with their bodies and transcending mental barriers. Her sessions encompass a wide array of practices that seamlessly integrate the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of sexuality.

Sylvia can help Women if they are experiencing any of the following:

  • Do you experience a lack of desire, or arousal difficulties?
  • Are you too tired for sex? Kids around, chores to be done, etc?
  • Are you having orgasm difficulties? No orgasm, unsatisfying orgasms, taking too long, faking it, or feeling pressured?
  • Do you feel like sex is no longer fun? Do you wonder if it was ever fun?
  • Is sex painful?
  • Do you feel like you have sexual needs that your partner doesn’t understand?
  • Are you feeling insecure or shameful about what turns you on?
  • Are you unsure about masturbation? Want to find out what works for you, or expand your knowledge?
  • Are you experiencing menopause or hormonal changes?
  • Are you lacking connection, sensuality, touch and intimacy?
  • Are medications or illnesses affecting your sex life?
  • Are you wanting to express your boundaries more and become consent savvy?
  • Do you love your partner, but lost the attraction?                     
  • Do you want to bring in something new to your sex life but don’t know how?                                                               
  • Do you want to trust yourself more, and honour the wisdom of your body?
sexology women

Experience more pleasure during sex.

Understand your sexual anatomy and discover what works for you.

Reconnect with your sexuality at any age.

Acquire new skills for relationships, sex and communication.

Re-discover healthy sex after trauma.

Transform your confidence and self-esteem after past abuse.

Know the importance of your nervous system.

Your nervous system is the barometer of your life.

Learn to better communicate about sex.

Ovecome fear, shame, guilt and ask for what you want.

Bridge the desire and orgasm gap.

Navigate the world of sex and dating in the 21st century

A Message From Sylvia


Understanding the Essence of Feminine Harmony


Tuning into the delicate rhythms of a woman’s heart and body is both a skill and an honor, a journey of connection that we must embark upon. Many of us have found ourselves drifting away from our true essence, but the time has come to retrace our steps and return to our center.


Is your sexuality a free expression or a scripted act? Does it bring bliss or feel like a chore? These questions matter. Sex isn’t just physical; it’s an energetic connection that speaks louder than words.

Sex is about energy, where two forces meet and resonate. It’s simple and beautiful, a reflection of your authenticity.


Pause for a breath, step out of the cacophony, and embrace mindfulness. Start to truly exist and thrive, guided by your internal compass. Within you lies everything you seek; it has always been there. As we delve into our heart’s depths and awaken to this truth, the answers become clear.

We explore practices and perspectives that create a holistic experience (mental, emotional physical and spiritual).


Together, we’ll address your concerns, navigate challenges, and help you embrace a fulfilling sex life that nurtures your body, mind, and soul.

In my Sexology Perth Sessions, I invite you to reflect on where you stand and where you aspire to be. Gently, we’ll explore your past, seeking patterns and emotional wounds that may confine or impede you.

A sex life that nourishes the body, mind and soul.