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What Is Sex Coaching?

Sex Coaching – How does it work?

What’s your relationship with sex? Are you sexually confident with an exciting, dynamic sex life that keeps you interested and eager for more? Maybe your sex life leaves a little—or a lot—to be desired, and you’re finally ready to change that. You could even be somewhere in the middle, casually curious about how you can add another layer of fun and intrigue to your sexuality.

Wherever you find yourself on this spectrum, there’s so much to gain from working with a sex coach. What unique, life-changing benefits are waiting for you? To find out, let’s talk about what sex coaching is and how it can help you.

What is sex coaching?

Sex coaching is a unique field that combines sexology (the what: the study of what people do sexually and how they think and feel about it) and coaching (the how: the specific plan of action designed to help people realize their desires).

Sex Coaching Is…

Client-centred. Sex coaching puts you, the client, at the heart of every session.

Goal-oriented and future-focused. Where do you want to be in your sexual journey? How do you navigate the road between that goal and where you currently are? Sex coaching can help you realize those dreams—and possibly more.

Holistic and non-pathologizing. You don’t have “issues” or “problems” in a sex coaching session—only concerns. A sex coach can help you address these concerns in a productive, shame-free way, so you can make stunning progress that you feel great about.

Sex Coaching is NOT…

Sex therapy or psychotherapy. Instead of processing intense emotions or focusing on your past setbacks, we focus on bridging the gap between your present experience and your future goals. Sometimes, however, therapy alongside sex coaching can be helpful.

Sex work.

A sex coaching session doesn’t involve erotic exchange between the coach and the client (s).
A medical solution. This work is incredibly effective without prescribing medication or diagnosing you with a “disorder.”

Who is sex coaching for?

People who are stuck in a rut of boring, unsatisfying sex

Those who want to overcome ANY sexual concerns

People who seek expansion and transformation

People who think there is more to sex than putting A into B or C…

People who want to learn new skills or explore a different sex style

Anyone who seeks better sex education

If you’re questioning yourself in relation to your sexual well-being, curious about safely exploring something new, or committed to your sexual success in any way, then sex coaching is for you. Regardless of where you are on your journey, a good sex coach can help you find more fun and satisfaction in your sex life.

What approach will I use in your sex coaching session?
I help you address your sexual concerns, explore them more deeply, and ultimately reach your goals by applying the MEBES© model.


MEBES stands for Mind, Emotion, Body/Behavior, Energy, and Spirit. These are the five critical elements of your human experience. Here’s how they relate to you in a sex coaching session:

Here’s how they relate to you in a sex coaching session:


Mind: What are you thinking? Remember: your brain is actually the biggest sexual organ! That means your thoughts play an important role in your sexuality.


Emotion: How are you feeling? Your emotions go hand-in-hand with your thoughts. The emotions you experience during sex, whether it’s with yourself or with a partner(s), give us important insight and a fuller understanding.


Body/Behaviour: What is your physical experience? Which parts of your sexual experience are pleasurable, painful, or neutral? This element represents tangible actions. It’s vital to be able to talk about the sensations you experience and to be honest about them.


Energy: What are the dynamics that move you as a sexual being? Describe energy is like describing a colour: when you’re so familiar with it, it can be tricky to define. Think of the non-physical elements involved in your sexual experiences. You might consider it a “vibe,” intuition, or a feeling in the room.


Spirit: What is your sacred relationship with sex? This doesn’t mean you have to have a particular set of religious or spiritual beliefs. Spirituality is what we experience when we connect to something greater or bigger than ourselves.


When you work with me as a sex coach, I view your experience through each of these elements. Usually, a sexual concern happens when you’re experiencing trouble or blockage in one or more of these areas.


This model is simple, and that makes it effective! It gives us a firm grasp on your goals and what’s holding you back from realizing them and helps us work together for a customized action plan that’s right for you.

How do you start the process?

We’ll have a phone conversation before your first appointment. After that, you’ll get a sexual history form to fill out. This is a detailed form that allows me to gain as much information about you as possible. Even though our work doesn’t focus on your past, knowing a bit about it allows us to plan for your brighter future.

In between sessions, there are often home assignments, and it’s important for you to complete them! After all, we’re a team, working together toward your goals. To reach sexual success, your commitment is required. Don’t worry—this is one of the most fun parts of your sex coaching experience.

Ready to get started? If you feel prepared to take a big step on your journey to sexual wellness, clarity, and confidence, I’m here to support you. It takes courage to commit to this work, and you have everything to gain from investing in yourself.

Are you ready? Get in touch today!

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